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Week of 2/18: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveler

Week of 2/18: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Traveler

It could be that a little-acknowledged reason for the popularity of Crossfit is the ease with which a traveler can find a box and get the WOD in. I know it’s not the main reason, but you can get your work in, even if you’re confined to a hotel room and hotel gym.

Not so with the track athlete or the powerlifter. Although there are ways to make some things work in a pinch, it’s still a pinch. I got my work in at the gym on Monday before I left for LA, but now I’m in the Hyatt at LAX until Friday. So, I’ll be inventive.

Monday, February 19, gym, 6 a.m.

Starting Stuff: Paused Squats 5 x 185 x 3

Working: Deficit Deadlifts: 5 x 245 x 3

Accessory: Double-paused Deadlifts 5 x 185 x 3

Clearly  just getting back into the groove, and working weak points at sub-maximal weights. This was a really deep deficit deadlift; I did it “Doc-style,” with the plates off the front and back of the platform (you turn the bar 90 degrees, in other words). It means the bar is just off the platform, weight has to come an extra inch and a half, I’d guess. Thanks, Doc Holloway!


Tuesday, February 20, LAX Hyatt Regency Fitness Center, 5 a.m.

I checked at the desk and there is just no option for the 100 meter aerobic training in the area. I suppose I could Lyft over to Santa Monica College’s track, about 10 miles away, but that’s a literal shot in the dark (of the early morning). Nothing around here except airport concrete.

So I opted for a 20 minute routine, HR steady around 135. I did it on the treadmill, which I do not like. It’s just an unnatural run for me. Feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Got the work in, though. Not very event specific. Tomorrow will be even more interesting. The heaviest dumbbells they have are 50 lbs, and they don’t really have much machine variety either. Not ideal, but I’ll work something out.


Wednesday, February 21, LAX Hyatt Regency Fitness Center, 5 a.m.

On reflection, I decided to revert to the days when I did crossfit, and simply do a WOD type workout without weights. Just trying to stay a little active.

(7 squats, 7 burpees, 7 pushups) x 7 rounds

20 situps x 5 rounds


Thursday, February 22, LAX Hyatt Regency Fitness Center, 5 a.m.

Flight out at 9:30 so this is the simplest workout. In and out. 20 minutes on the elliptical, HR steady at 140. For whatever reason I get more out of this than the treadmill; my suspicion is that it does not pound my joints the way the treadmill does. But I’m not fooling myself: I don’t get that much out of the elliptical either. Certainly nothing event specific, and not that much aerobic benefit.


Saturday, February 24, turf field, 65 degrees, 8 a.m.

Finally, home and back on the steady, Eddie. 

4 x 100 meters (65% or 23 seconds), 20 seconds rest x 4 sets (minute rest between sets)

Short. Sweet. Brutal.




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