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If you want to be old, fast, and strong, welcome! I'll do my best to inform, inspire, and link to others.

Week of 1/21 (w/video of 390 deadlift)

Week of 1/21 (w/video of 390 deadlift)

1/22: 6 a.m. Gym

Warmup: Dynamic stretches, Paused Squats 5 x 185 x 2

Working: Riding the wave up to a heavy squat. After sets that went 225, 275, 315, 335 and 355, first did a 375 PR single, then 390 single. I like the way this is headed. There was more in the tank if I'd needed it today.

1/23: 47 degrees, 6 a.m., Rock Springs

Warmup: Quarter mile run, Dynamic warmup, hip punch drills, A skips.

Working: Acceleration drills. 3 x 30 meter fly x 2, 3 minute recovery, 6 minutes between sets

This was a little less comfortable than it should have been. The wind was damp and a little raw, even though the temperature was fine. No physical issues.

1/24: 6 a.m. Gym

Warmup: Dynamic Stretches, Rack Pulls at 225, 275, 315, then couldn't move 375.

Working: Bench Press Working up to a two doubles with commands at 225. 2-Board presses for a double at 245 and 255.

Accessory: Triceps Pushdowns 8 x 150 x 3, 10 pullups, 2 sets of lunge/twists with 45 plate

Too much posterior chain volume this week to get a heavy rack pull. 375 should have come up like butter, but there just wasn't anything there after Monday's deadlifts and yesterday's max acceleration work. Good to know.

The bench, however, is coming along on track.

1/25 through 1/27

It started as a raging sore throat Wednesday after work, and progressed to a full-on head and body experience. No, it was not the flu that's going around, but it seemed more than a common cold too. All the  way through the weekend I didn't have the energy or the desire to do anything more strenuous than read.

It's not the best time to miss a week (this down time extends through Tuesday, 1/30, when I'm writing this), but at this point I know enough to stay out of the gym until I'm no longer contagious and until I'm ready to go. I mean really ready to go. And even then I know it will take a session or two to really be back.

This should be the last heavy week before the state meet. We'll see how Jeff wants to work the taper (or if he wants to work it), given that I've had a week of down time.

Week of 1/29

Week of 1/29

Heavy Squats/Short Time (with Video of 2 x 280)

Heavy Squats/Short Time (with Video of 2 x 280)