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Clear Your Head

Starting:  Bench Press 5 x 155 x 3, Paused Squats 5 x 185 x 3

Working: Deficit Deadlift triples x 245, 275, 295, 305

Accessory: Paused Deadlift triples x 225, 245

Back at it today. Mindset at the start was, “This is not where I want to be. I want to be asleep.”                                                                                                But what I really mean is, “This is going to be a bad day at work.” I realize this, and so my first task is to get my head into the gym, and out of my day.

It takes a while.

Today, the start part of the workout combines bench and paused squats. I work on speed coming off my chest in the bench, and explosiveness coming out of the box on the squats. And form. It helps my mindset just to lock in on form and try to make that the only thing that’s in my head.

Working the deficit deadlift is the same mantra: form and speed. And the mantra with the paused deadlifts is the same: coming out of the paused position with explosive speed.

By the end, my head is clear. It will take another hour for it to fill up with the day. Sometimes the best thing about the physical work is that it drives all the other work out of your head.

Rack Pulls

Rack Pulls