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Fight Through It

Fight Through It

Starting Stuff:    Camber Bar Bench Press 5 x 120 x 3 sets

Working:            Squats 5 sets of triples at 220

Accessory:          Leg Press 8 x 405 x 3 sets

                           Shoulder Complex 9 lbs x 3

Weight after workout: 165.5

              The clearest case in sometime of the workout in the category “just fight through it and get it done.” I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t fuel well. I didn’t have it. But I simply worked my way through it, trying to keep good form, trying to work on foot placement and speed. It was not fun. I thought I was done after my second set of squats. But I just kept pushing.

              I finished.

Backing Off

Backing Off

369 Competition Deadlift