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Nutrition 3/1-7

Nutrition 3/1-7

Roasted Veg

I don’t want to put too fine a point on this: sometimes the simplest thing you can do is the best thing.  Somewhere in the mists of time, our species found roots, burned them in a fire, and ate them.

Example for today: take a root vegetable, toss it in olive oil, and roast the heck out of it in the oven. Don’t be afraid if it gets REALLY brown. Let it reduce to its very essence. Sprinkle some sea salt on it. Don’t overcomplicate this.

We do this with:

·         Fennel (if you’ve not had it, roast this first—licorice candy was never this good, and it wanted to be)

·         Onions (as long as you can go; this is more candy than even fennel can be)

·         Carrots (they become something unreal, the sugars are so concentrated)

·         Squash or zucchini (they give their all, all moisture gone, only goodness remains)

·         Turnips or rutabaga (nutty and substantial)

You can put these on salad, and they almost feel like meat. You can serve these with grilled meats, and you get real satisfaction. And listen, as leftovers they are the best snackers you could ever pull out of the fridge.

They speak to our collective unconscious, as something that our kind have done for as long as there has been fire.

Roast your veggies. It makes it way easier to “eat your veggies,” Cave Man.

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