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Nutrition 12/28 to 1/3

Nutrition 12/28 to 1/3

New Year's Eve Tradition: Duck Breast

I have to admit that this one has grown on me. My wife loves it.

She starts by rendering the fat from the duck breast (hello, duck fat fries!), and then sears it and ovens it off to a medium rare. We have a cherry glaze on it. Combine that with wild rice (the real kind, which is a seed and not a rice, per se) and roasted root vegetables. Paired it with a beautiful French bordeaux, and it was mouth watering.

5 oz duck breast, skin removed after rendering

1 cup wild rice

4 oz. roasted root vegetables (carrot, turnip, onion, fennel)

537 calories

55 grams protein

43 grams carbs

16 grams fat

5 oz. wine adds 125 calories, but in this case--very worth it!

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