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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

At year's end, it's tempting to see a view of "the end," as if you have finally reached the end of the pier, and stare silently into the void. What's out there? It looks dark, and cold, and forbidding. We know spring is coming, but now, without the holidays to distract us, dismal winter threatens our spirits. To combat that, look back, and look ahead. Don't concentrate on the immediate view.

What Happened This Year

Legit Squat went from 175 to 285 (62% increase)

Bench went from 190 to 245 (29% increase)

Deadlift went from 225 to 375 (67% increase)

Total increase of 315 pounds in 13 months

Fastest 200 meter time in 5 years at age 62 (at USATF GA)

Best lifetime discus throw (at USATF GA)

State records in 83 kg, M3a, Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Total

Competed at Raw Nationals


I’ll take it.

But I can break it.

I think the best question to ask is this: what is the right set of goals for 2018? If you know those, then the question becomes one of how to get there.

So here’s a set of goals.

Squat from 285 to 350

Bench from 245 to 260

Deadlift from 375 to 450

Total from 905 to 1060

200 meters, sub 29 (my fastest ever since turning 50)

30 meter discus (best lifetime)

4 meter long jump (best in six years)

34 meter javelin (best lifetime)

6:30 1500 meters (best lifetime)

2754 total score in pentathlon (best lifetime)

Those are lofty. Those may, in fact, be too high to reach. The powerlifting goals are ambitious, but as long as I haven’t hit the plateau yet (and I don’t think I have), they represent about 25% improvement in deadlift and squat, and considerably less in bench. I think I’m closer to my peak in bench right now, so that is a marginal increase.

The real question revolves around the track goals. Can I drop my 200 time by a second at my age? I’m wagering that increased strength and improving sprint mechanics make it possible. Can I run a 6:30 1500 meters? That’s 20 seconds faster than my lifetime best. If I’m in better condition and peak smartly, I think so. I almost hit a 4-meter long jump two years ago (missed by .04 meters), so that seems reasonable. And I think better strength and more practice reps make the discus and javelin goals possible.  In short, lofty, but conceivable.

In my next post, I’ll outline 2018's first training cycle.


Mesocycle 1 for 2018

Mesocycle 1 for 2018

How Do I Get Where I Want To Go?

How Do I Get Where I Want To Go?