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If you want to be old, fast, and strong, welcome! I'll do my best to inform, inspire, and link to others.

Why Do This?

Why Do This?

Why do this blog? Why start down a road when you don't know where it leads?

First, there is the sense that no one is talking about all the things I want to talk about. And yes, I can find lots of people talking about parts of it, but there is no one place where someone is putting down the resources and creating the information in a way that helps.

Track and field has Ken Stone’s blog, www.masterstrack.com but that’s more about news of our master’s world. There are a few coaching blogs—Speed Endurance comes to mind—but not many really recognize masters and their special questions. There are, of course, training logs like Bill Yelverton’s, http://sprintforever.blogspot.com/ and they’re helpful, but mainly in the way comparing notes with someone is helpful. Yelverton is so consistent in his chronicling that he does inspire me to get out and train, even when I'm not that "ready" for it.

Similarly, powerlifting has lots of blogs, but only one—a paleobiologist in England—is a masters lifter (he’s 49 and 190 lbs), and his blog seems mostly to document his training and his competitions https://www.drdavidpenney.com/powerlifting-blog . Again, you can find blogs that are interesting and helpful, but you have to curate them yourself and use your own knowledge base to evaluate what you see.

The same is true with all the others: nutrition, injury prevention, training principles and philosophies. In addition, as a multi-eventer and a powerlifter, my training cycles are very different from most.

Therefore, there are two conclusions. One is that I’m just an outlier and that’s why I have to curate all my resources personally. The other is that I’m on to something, that the strength athlete and the speed athlete both have needs that are not being met in the current blogosphere, and I am in a unique position to fill those needs for masters athletes.

I believe the right conclusion is the second one.

The Routine is the Route

The Routine is the Route